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7 Crystals to help with anxiety

Rose Quartz

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock – no pun intended – you will know that crystals are making a comeback in 2018. For crystal newbies, the world of healing crystals can be daunting, cliquey and something you may discuss in hushed whispers like a naughty secret. Crystal healing has had a hippy vibe in the past, but no longer are they only for shamans at Glastonbury, but the tools of CEO’s preparing for big presentations and celebrities to carry around in their designer handbags (and underwear apparently!).

There are hundreds of types of crystals out there with thousands of different properties, there’s one
– or more – for every ailment. It’s no wonder then that there are quite a few crystals that can help
with anxiety. With over 3 million brits suffering with anxiety and many of them hesitant to take medication, it’s no wonder we are looking for a more natural solution to help us cope.

Of course, no crystal will cure your anxiety over night, but they serve as a fantastic tool to calm and
ground oneself and a reminder to be present and take control of your emotions. So if you’re  looking for a little spiritual assistance, read on and discover a crystal that’s right for you.

1. Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is widely recognised as the stone of unconditional love and is associated with your heart chakra. Luckily it’s also one of the most common crystals out there, easy to get your hands on and relatively inexpensive. I can hear you all asking “but what has love got to do with it?” got to do with it…..sorry. This crystal helps to increase a person’s sense of self-worth and self-love, and once you manage that darling you will soon see anxiety just melt away.

2. Blue Lace Agate
With its calming bands of soft blue and white it’s easy to see why this crystal is regarded as the stress and anxiety destroyer! Wearing it as jewellery is a way to have it with you at all times, but a thumbstone or a piece on your bedside table will also do the trick. Meditating with this stone can cause blissful waves of rest and relaxation, so put your Spotify meditation tunes on and relaxxxxx.



3. Black Tourmaline
Maybe not the most calming looking crystals but Black Tourmaline is the destroyer of negativity, fear and worry. Holding the crystal and visualising all your anxious thoughts and worries being sucked into the stone will leave you feeling relieved and more relaxed to go about your day.

4. Hematite
If your anxiety tends to show itself in physical ways like panic attacks, fatigues and aching muscles then this will be the stone for you. Hematite is the true healer for getting rid of stress and anxiety in the body. It’s incredibly grounding stone, keeping your body balanced and in the moment which makes it amazing at combating anxiety.

5. Malachite

And finally, for those that anxiety is wrecking your brain rather than your body than Malachite is the stone for you. Holding and meditating with this stone affectively calms your mind by increasing tranquil and peaceful energies. I don’t know about the rest of you but that’s definitely what I need!


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