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Citrine Crystal Meaning and Properties

The Geology
Citrine has the same makeup of Quartz, and aluminium based irradiation causes the colour while it’s forming.

Citrine forms mostly from molten magma when it reaches the earth’s surface but also develops as a chemical precipitate in hot hydrothermal veins.

Crystal Healing Properties
When looking for natural Citrine, you should be on the lookout for very pale clear yellow crystals. Any piece that looks like a burnt amber/orange colour is actually heat treated Amethyst and will not have these properties.

Citrine is a powerful manifestation stone and has always been used to increase money in one’s life. Citrine is also a powerful chakra stimulating crystal and helps clear blockages in the chakras.

Citrine is very powerful in dissipating negative energy as it cannot hold or accumulate negative vibes. It’s one of the only crystals that does not need to be cleansed or charged.
Citrine encourages the success of fresh beginnings and new pursuits in life.

Citrine is a useful stone for those working in finance roles or for people running their own business as it tends to attract wealth.

Carrying a Citrine stone in your pocket guards you against people that are out to cause you harm. It acts as a shield against jealousy and spite.

Placing a Citrine crystal where the sunlight catches it can encourage unfriendly spirits to leave a place, though they do bleach in the sun.

Citrine around the home
Using Citrine around the home as home décor has a bonus Feng Shui in that it attracts wealth. Place in your money area is the best place to get the most out of its energies, and carrying a piece of Citrine around in your purse will give you some bonus wealth attraction energy.


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