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Quartz Crystal Meaning and Properties

Quartz Points

The Geology
Quartz is a crystal made of silicone and oxygen, and sometimes they may include trace minerals that give them a wide variety of different colours. Quartz is used widely in the manufacturing of technology and for centuries, used as a healing stone.

Quartz forms mostly from molten magma when it reaches the earth’s surface but also develops as a chemical precipitate in hot hydrothermal veins.

Crystal Healing Properties
Clear Quartz is often known as the Master Healing crystal, and healers use this unique crystal to heal any and all conditions, mental or physical. Quartz amplifies energy as well as any energies from other crystals. Clear Quartz can neutralise negative energies and dispels electromagnetic smog. For healing purposes, Clear Quartz balances you on mental, physical or spiritual planes. It can stimulate the immune system as well as bringing balance to the body and mind. Quartz is also well known for increasing psychic abilities.

Quartz around the home
Quartz makes a beautiful piece of unique home decoration but also has some fantastic Feng Shui properties. A cluster of Clear Quartz in the living room creates a harmonious family atmosphere. Hanging faceted clear quartz helps move along stagnant energy.


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