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Honey Calcite Crystal Meaning and Properties

Honey Calcite Sphere

The Geology
Calcite is the only common non-silicate rock-forming mineral being instead made up of calcium carbonate. It is an essential component of limestone and forms in all types of rocks and hydrothermal environments

Crystal Healing Properties
Honey calcite is the crystal for those who need to focus their efforts on reaching a particular goal. Getting your dream job, falling in love, buying your first home are all goals that take a lot of focus, focus that Honey Calcite can help with.

Honey Calcite can be used in meditation to help restore balance to the body and mind. This crystal can help you see things in new ways especially if you need help understanding things in a favourable light.

Honey Calcite around the home
Use Honey Calcite in the west area of your home to help bring concentration energy. Calcite holds metal feng shui energy which is the energy of concentration and intelligence. A perfect crystal to use in a home office.

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