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Does Crystal Healing actually work?

Smokey Quartz Obelisk

Beautiful crystal pieces for the home or the hipster crystal necklaces millennial are buying in Primark, 2018 says crystals are IN! But from the dawn of time crystals have had a much more spiritual movement than just to adorn yourself with at the next summer festival. So whether you’re a healing crystal virgin or a barefoot crystal goddess, I’m sure we’ve all come across the question do healing crystals really work?

Angel Aura QuartzAs a crystal shop owner and a fairly normal business lady (well they think I’m normal – don’t tell them otherwise) I get this asked to me all the time. Some people scoff and think differently of me and some are just curious but this post is for all of you and I hope I can shed some light on this subject.

A quick google will show that there is a huge debate regarding this question, as scientists say there is no proof to show that crystals have healing energy. However, there is proof that every single ancient civilization has revered and used crystals in many different ways—from healing, very much like we do today – to be used in powerful talismans or as offerings to the gods. Different civilisations would utilise different crystals, but one is prevalent everywhere and that’s Quartz.

Today in modern technology Quartz Crystal is used in almost everything from watches, lasers, electronics, data storage and much more. If crystals have the ability to transform energy in our electronic devices due to the way they vibrate, then are we really questioning that they could transform energy in other ways? Why not then think that using crystals with intention or thought energy can help transform our minds and bodies on a vibrational level?

Not every scientist boo hoos this idea either. Marcel Vogel was a famous scientist who worked for IBM and spent his time there researching the mystery of crystals and he himself asked can crystals really heal? Whilst conducting this research he would watch crystals grow under a microscope, he soon noticed that the solidified crystal seemed to take the shape of whatever he was thinking about at the time. As amazing as this sounds, this was eventually documented on camera and was one of the first pieces of scientific evidence to show the metaphysical power of the mind manifesting itself into a physical form.

Dr Emoto is another scientist that researched how thoughts affect the energy of water. The human body consists of 70-80% silicon dioxide and water. Quartz Crystal is also a combination of silicon dioxide and water; both Quartz Crystal and water have a similar hexagonal geometry. Vogel hypothesized that there is a constant assembling and disassembling of bonds between molecules in these solids, which causes them to vibrate. He did many other tests to establish that Quartz Crystal can in fact store thoughts, very similar to the way in which magnetic media, like tapes, are used to record sound. The vibrations inside the crystals mobilise the mental energy within it.

“Sound is a vibration, and so are your thoughts. Everything that manifests in your life is there because it matches the vibration of your thoughts.” nope that’s not a quote from me, that was from the genius Albert Einstein!

So what do I say when I am asked if crystals really work? It’s simple! They’ve always worked for me. Crystals make me happy, my mood changes around certain crystals and I am drawn to some more than others. Placing them in my home, makes the little nerd geologist inside me squeal with joy, but pairing them with succulents just looks darn trendy as well.

Crystals have helped me deal with stress, anxiety and help me feel grounded in this crazy crazy world. I’ve been told that I am imagining these feelings and it’s all a placebo effect but I know it’s not, its a particular feeling I’ve always felt even as a young child. But you know what? So what if it was a placebo? Now scientists can agree that the brain has amazing power to overcome ill health by thought alone. If you get to your destination does it matter what road you take?

Quartz PointsI believe that using the healing power of crystals as a tool for empowerment, balance and enlightenment can really make amazing changes in your life. The universe is huge and is imbued with energy, not yet completely understood by the human brain. If you believe and feel that crystals will help you on an energetic and vibrational level, they most certainly will. But if you go into this negatively thinking, “No, it won’t work since there’s no scientific proof,” then guess what buddy you’re right; they probably won’t work for you. If the thoughts and energy we put out into the world create our reality, and Quartz Crystal has the ability to amplify and magnify those energies or thoughts, then always be conscious about what you are putting out there.

We are all bombarded with negative thoughts especially in this digital world ruled by social media but we do have the ability to choose our own thoughts. We can train our minds through meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and the endless other techniques available to us today, we can become mindful.

Working with crystals can be a slow process, it involves a greater awareness of self and often spiritual crises. The journey within takes time and each day is different. Each one of us is here on this Earth to learn, grow and evolve. We are very similar to science in many ways—not everything has been discovered about ourselves. There are many things that still remain a mystery, waiting to be unearthed. It’s only been recently that you can get acupuncture on the NHS because it’s not necessarily proven to work but the results speak for themselves.

So that’s my message to anyone wondering, embrace crystals and let the results speak for themselves.

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