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5 Crystals to boost your energy

As I’m getting closer and closer to the big 3 0 (eek only a few weeks now), I am finding myself always tired. Is this part and parcel of being a grown up? Waking up in the morning feeling equally as tired as when I face planted my pillow at 9 pm? If so, I don’t like it and want to go back to being carefree with my biggest worry being where we were going to build our fort that afternoon.

A lot of adult things such as work, kids, stress, anxiety causes fatigue….looking at that doesn’t make adulthood fun does it. It can also happen due to medical issues like low blood iron and other problems. So if you are legit concerned that it takes 18 black coffees to make you even think about functioning in the morning, I would suggest a trip to your friendly GP may be in order to check everything is hunky dory. If however, you could do with a caffeine-free boost of energy, here are my top 5 crystals that do just that.


Ruby boosts energy

Ruby is a super energetic crystal that is said to increase your stamina (oi oi), increase blood flow (OI OI) and boost your energy overall (sorry the full moon is making me crazy today). This crystal is particularly good at fighting fatigue, especially when placed on your root chakra (base of your spine) or at the sacral chakra (below your naval – no not that low…). Meditating with one of these bad boys will have you ditching your Venti Mochaccino I promise you.


Fluorite boosts energy

Particularly for work, this is my crystal of choice. It gives me that boost of energy I need for a 2-hour board meeting and increases my productivity to get that boring Press Release off my to-do pile. On an intellectual level, it can help you think more clearly and enables you to make those tough decisions under pressure.


Carnelian boosts energy

Carnelian gives out so much energy it may have you running marathons! Well maybe not, but it is a fantastic crystal that helps you feel much more alive. Particularly useful if you have been watching YouTube until midnight – I haven’t done that…obviously. Wearing Carnelian carries that energy boosting goodness around with you all day, but having a piece in your pocket to squeeze when you find yourself reaching for an espresso will do just the job as well.


Amethyst boosts energy

Everyone loves Amethyst, and with great reasons! This beautiful crystal can range between shades of lavender to deepest purple; just looking at this crystal makes me happy. This could be due to the protective energy it creates around its holder. If like me, you can get bogged down by other people’s drama, Amethyst will be the stone that will help get rid of all that junk. Meditate with a piece of Amethyst on your brow chakra for that ultimate “I don’t give af” energy.


Apophyllite boosts energy

Not heard of this one? That’s ok; this one is relatively new on the scene and a rarer crystal. Apophyllite is a high vibration crystal; some crystals have a higher vibrational frequency than others which does make them more powerful. Or potent is maybe the better word! If you’re sensitive you may need to take some breaks with this one, think of it as the crystal version of speed! Apophyllite raises your energy vibration, blasting through tiredness and fatigue. To take the benefits of this legal high, meditate with it above your crown and soak in that high vibration goodness.

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