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So I’ve bought some pretty crystals. Now, what do I do with them?

crystal healing

Full of excitement for the new crystal craze or lured in by a pretty Quartz point, you have purchased your first crystal, and now you’re asking yourself, what do you do now with this pretty rock? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

Angel Aura QuartzIn most recent years spirituality has become more and more affluent in our daily lives. No longer just the realm of witches, Buddhists and warlocks, spirituality is the new cool thang. From mindfulness, meditation apps, to minimalism and yes even crystals are coming back with force.
Not only are we seeing successful businessmen and women discussing what crystals they take into meetings, but also celebrities listing what crystals help them with pre-stage nerves. Personally, I knew the colourful hippy world of crystal healing was changing when I saw a 20 something businessman, in an expensive suit with a leather briefcase to match his brogues, buying Citrine at a gem show to help with financial manifestation.

I for one am beyond excited for crystals to become more mainstream. My love for them came from my sixth form obsession with Geology. Researching my favourite pretty rocks, I discovered their metaphysical properties, I’ve not always been a believer, but boy didn’t they intrigue me. This spurred on my desire to sell these pretty rocks as a side hustle, connecting me with the most amazing people, from Healers to Pagan’s to stressed out mums! People that were benefitting from crystal healing energy, helping me to start to understand the powerful effect they can have on us.
Bringing crystals into the mainstream means, I get to talk about them more (yay!). I was never your typical crystal lover, going to mind, body and spirit shows in jeans and converse surrounded by flowing robes and incense; I would always feel slightly out of place. So I am embracing that crystals are for absolutely everyone now, my geologist soul is rejoicing! So whether you’re an experienced crystal collector or a crystal virgin, here are my tips on how to pick them and what you should do with them.

Quartz point

Picking the right crystal for you
If you research this on the internet, you will be told over and over again to touch crystals to see which ones are for you. However, in this world where crystal shops on the high street outside of Glastonbury are rarer than Moldavite, that is just not always achievable. The good news is there are many amazing crystal shops online (like moi!). I would recommend a store that hand picks their pieces themselves, this way you are getting that “chosen by touch” aspect, an ethical and sustainable supplier and make sure the crystal shop is showing you actual photos of the piece you are receiving. This is important, as an internet shopper you are going to choose your pieces by being drawn to the images. Avoid any shops that use stock imagery as you are never sure what you will receive.

crystal healing

Crystal Healing
I will write a longer post dedicated to this part, as there are many different techniques for crystal healing but for this post I will simply state that this is the most popular use of crystals. You can visit a certified crystal healer for treatment, where they will place specific crystals on regions of the body in response to what is causing you issues. You can pay a therapist to give you a treatment, but the best thing about crystals is you can use them on yourself once you understand their different metaphysical properties. Crystal healing isn’t for everyone though! So don’t worry if it’s not something that floats your boat you can still enjoy your new crystal friend.

balancing chakras

Balancing your chakras
It is believed that the body has seven chakras which are centres of spiritual power or wheels of energy that flow through the body. Running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and each chakra has an associated colour and a physical and emotional aspect. In our lives it’s quite usual to experience unbalanced chakras, leaving us tired (mentally and physically), stressed, emotional etc. Not good! However, good news your crystals can be used to unblock and balance your chakras. Leaving you cleansed, energised and centred. To do this you would place a corresponding crystal on each chakra, and lie down and let those crystalline beauties do the work.

Crystal Grids
Some believe each crystal has metaphysical properties, and crystal grids are all about enhancing those properties. Crystal grids amp up that power, to help with manifesting your goals and intentions. So what’s the difference between using a single crystal and a whole bunch in a grid? Well, the power of the grid comes from combining the crystal energies, the sacred geometry and your intentions. The combination of which, greatly strengthens your intention and help you manifest those results quicker


Meditation is super trendy right now, and it’s not hard to see why. The benefits are huge! Less stress, relaxation and improving the ability on how you cope with the ups and downs of life is definitely a winner. Your crystals can help maximise these results as well! It’s super simple as well, pick your crystal or crystals and either hold them during meditation or place them on the body. It can be as simple as that! There are many different ways of doing this, and different crystals to use depending on your goal, so get out there and meditate my friend!

home decor

Home decoration
My favourite use of crystals I’ve saved for last. Using crystals to complement home décor not just makes a home beautiful but also filled with incredible energy. Our homes are very personal spaces, reflecting our interests, personality and the things we enjoy and crystals make an excellent way to reflect this. There are some articles about what crystal is better suited where (which I may do a post on at some point) but use your instincts and go with what feels (and looks!) right. Have a beautiful white living room? Why not add a deep purple Amethyst cluster for that pop of colour? The world is your oyster, my friend, add pops of crystalline energy wherever you fancy.


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