Gaia's Gifts

About Us

Welcome to Gaia’s Gifts! We are an online crystal shop based in Wiltshire.

We we have been running Gaia’s Gifts since 2010. Our aim is to make crystals available to everyone, not just crystal healers but those who love beautiful home decor that just happens to have the bonus of good energy.

In 2018, crystals are making a huge comeback. No longer just for hippies and healers, celebrities are raising the hype of crystals as their healing energies are becoming more and more mainstream.

At Gaia’s Gifts are always the following:

– Ethical and Sustainable

– The highest quality

– Hand Picked by our team

Buying crystals from us guarantees the very best, unique, rare and beautiful crystals. Perfect for unique home decor statements and the very best energies for crystal healers.

We can source just about any crystal, please just get in touch and we will source the perfect piece for you.


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