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Himalayan Lemurian Twinned Crystal


This beautiful piece of Himalayan Lemurian Quartz formed as a twinned crystal.


Himalayan Lemurian Quartz crystals are extremely high vibrational crystals. they are used to aplify the energies of both the mind and body.

The Lemurians lived on our planet in ancient times, along with many ancient civilisatons they worked with crystals. After a cataclysmic event the Lemurian people disappeared from the earth. These crystals are all we have to mark their passing on our plannet. Like these crystals, the people of Lemuria had a strong but gentle energy, they loved the earth and were highly spiritual beings

These crystals are special and easily marked by their deep striations, these are believed to be “programmed” with the memories of the Lemurians and contain important messages for those who take the time to meditate with these crystals.


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